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Cannot "stop steering" while 2 feathered sails are active

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  • When I have 2 feathered sails active on the boat, sometimes I will not be able to stop steering. After that happens, I'm still able to control the steering with my keyboard, but I'm unable to do anything with my mouse (except move the cursor) and unable to switch my equip slot with hotkeys. Sometimes, after pulling up the sail, I'll also seem to teleport to the edge of the boat. Press F12 for a screenshot will usually let me stop steering or steer with my mouse again. When I do start steering again, I also sometimes see both me and the steering wheel shift a few pixels.
  • When the game saves while moving at this speed, structures on top of the boat can detach from the boat and just "hover" over the water.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build Boat
  2. Build a bunch of stuff close to the edge of the boat.
  3. Sail using 2 feathered sails (max speed). 
  4. Steer / wait until game saves at the end of day -- you may encounter the bugs above (it's not consistent).

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