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Cannot Generate World WITHOUT Caves

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So here's the thing, my craptop is really crap and my RAM can't handle generating a world with Caves. So what I do is I just remove the caves altogether. But here's the problem...

When I generate the word, I make sure caves are off. Proceed to generating then I get to enjoy playing without caves. Now, when I leave/disconnect from the world for whatever reason... when I decide to come back to the world, caves is somehow turned on with no option to remove it anymore. Forcing to either just scrap the world and start over or force myself to play with caves which is just so hard for me.

I played with mods, without mods, verified and re-verified the files, clean reinstall but the issue persists.

Hoping someone can help.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Generate world with No Caves.
  2. Reach Character Select.
    1. Disconnect Immediately
    2. Choose a Character then Disconnect
  3. Disconnect from the World
  4. Open world again, and Caves is suddenly turned on from the Generation Menu.


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