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Cannot force attack on xbox one controller (game breaking)

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Sometimes during the game my character will not be able to force attack "pressing x on controller" instead my character will stutter step like he's bugged but not attack. Lock on attack still works. Restarting, updating, and playing on a vanilla server does not fix it. The only fix I've found is to create a WHOLE new microsoft account. But it continues to glitch. I've already made 3 accounts in the last 3 days. Normally I don't catch it right when it happens but this last playthrough I did. It happens when I pick up a random item of any kind. This last time I went to pick up a Zirkoniam Crystal Ball. My character said " I can't do that" and the bug happened. The character stutter steps instead of attacking. Please provide me some relief. I'm playing on an Xbox One. 

Steps to Reproduce

Picking up item character says I cant do that then it breaks. Have created 3 new microsoft accounts to continue playing but all 3 are bugged now. 

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