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Cannot craft via normal means

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My siblings and I play a 2-3 player world from time to time, but recently, a bug is occurring that doesn't let them craft anything at all, even if they have the materials/have the station available.

While trying to craft something, the "craft" button goes down, as in it's being held, but doesn't actually make the item at all. Moving the mouse away releases it.

The only way to craft something is to press the "crafting gui" button (default is caps lock, I don't know what it's normally called), and from there you would be able to select something, though this is very inefficient compared to normal crafting.

Is there a fix for this? We've tried disabling all mods (both client and server), verifying game integrity, reinstallation, and using the 32 bit version of the game. It also seems like it only happens on the other device, i.e. the one that usually joins my world.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Host server (on the main device)

2. Join server on the other device(s)

3. Obtain crafting materials for any item

4. Click on the item in question in the crafting menu, or the "craft" button

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