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Bunnymen are stuck wanting to spin the carrot

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While playing in the new event, Year of the Bunnyman, on day 6, I encountered this issue. While I crafted pillow armor, the bunnymen kept cheering "Spin!" while there was no carrot to be spun. By the time it was the next day, they did not sleep, and kept cheering to spin. I was playing as Wendy, and for more specifics, despite this might not mean much, I had the full verdant skin + verdant Abigail. Although it's automatically on, when generating the world, I set the Bunnyman event to "always."

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set Year of the Bunnyman to "Always" (cannot confirm this is required)
2. Craft Bunnyman shrine and offer carrot
3. Craft flower pillow, and flower pillow armor come dusk (or at least, this is what I was doing when it happened)

4. Watch bunnymen become stuck wanting to spin carrot.

After reconnecting, it seemed to be fixed. I can only assume attacking them would have done the same.

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