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Bone armor activation lag during equipping

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Hey uh sorry I posted this bug on the overall forum and also the picture that go with that post was lost because I just reinstalled window plus this is probably a better place to post this anyway so sorry for the tediousness, what I wrote in the general (all games) forums was this: Got this weird thing in bone armor that when i swap too fast and i have 3 bone armor, all are off cd but when I swap either bone armor before i got attacked then it doesnt work. Testing it with tentacle if I swap right after first hit it doesn't trigger shield. If i swap too soon then no shield from all 3 bone armor at all. Can you fix it so bone armor don't have this trigger lag? It's not much but it's impossible to use bone armor to counter attacks from mobs like tentacles or klaus or any attack that is within the lag trigger range. Yeah it has a certain time that it doesn't work right after being equipped. The screen shot is right there i had to get wiped a few times before i successfully captured the instance that all 3 bone armor has a trigger lag and all 3 are at 100% but I still got wiped because non of them work within the swap trigger lag.

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Like I said before in order to get hit with all 3 bone armor being at 100% and all 3 won't trigger or no matter how many of those I have if I equip a new bone armor into my body slot about 1 sec (I think) before getting hit then that barely equipped bone armor as well as the bone armor from previous before changing both will not activate the shield. You can easily test this by doing what I post in the picture, just get how many bones armor you like but must be at least 2 so you can reequip and the reequip part is the issue. about 1 sec before you get hit just swap the bone armor and boom both bone armor or passive for 1 sec even when it sits at 100% and stayed in body slot for almost 1 sec. Sharing cd is a big part of this specific armor so I think getting rid of this lag does extend the possible skill required to fully utilizing this armor, cause I mean if I'm quick enough to swap the right armor at the right time then I should counter the attack but the lag just really stale it and make it less skill requiring because no matter how on point I am, 1 sec after swapping, all bone armors are passive. This is easily spotted with the tentacle attack just swap before it land the second hit, doesn't matter how early you swap it, it won't work until it goes pass it's lag bug. 

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