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boat mast "release sail" bug w/ Deck Illuminator

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So I was leaving the Hermit Crab Island and one of the masts, out of 2 with a new Deck Illuminator attached to it, bugged out and kept repeating the releasing sail animation, but would never stay released. It would continue to return to it's closed animation and then open continuously. Releasing the sail does nothing. I'm not sure if it's the Deck Illuminator being on it where the bug can occur or if this is caused by something else. I was Walter and had big Woby on my raft when this happened. I had hammered the mast and it went back to it being a closed mast, but releasing it allows the bug to happen again. My guess is that completely deconstructing the mast would entirely stop the bug.

Steps to Reproduce

I was on the Hermit Crab Island. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the Wavey Jones' shadow hands had let my anchor go, causing my boat to sail away. I crafted a new boat and oar and sailed back to my boat. The temporary boat I crafted had hit my original boat leaving the original at 193 HP. I then began releasing the masts including the one with the Deck Illuminator where the bug took place. I'm not sure if there were any other actions that could have caused this.

User Feedback

Happened to me as well, in my case i didn't have a Deck Illuminator attached and i lowered the mast like usual ( by steering the wheel first and then lowering the mast ). My internet was out when the bug happened, but i was playing on local mode. Also i have two steering wheels on my boat because sometimes i can't seem to use the steering wheel closer to the edge.

Server mod that I used:

  • [API] Gem Core
  • Epic Healthbar
  • FinderMod
  • Global Pause
  • Global Position
  • Inspect Bundle

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 Hello, I've made a video explaining this bug, if want to watch it heres the link to it:


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