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Black screen random when playing

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While playing don't starve together, randomly my screen turns black and completely freezes my computer, forcing me to have to turn it off manually from the button, this doesn't happen with any other game, and I don't know what it's due to.The same problem always happens once I am playing the game, randomly after x minutes of playing, the whole computer freezes, even the keyboard. I have updated my graphics drivers and windows updates to the latest version and it is still happening. Also, as an additional detail, I can see several horizontal lines for a second before the screen turns completely black.

I have also seen that I have the file, clientlog, in the backup folder, I don't know if those can also be useful to compare the results.

Thanks for the help! :)

Steps to Reproduce

The problem is difficult to reproduce, as it happens randomly while playing with my friends, there is no way for me to know when it will happen, it can be 20 min after the game has started or 3 hours later.

client_log.txt DxDiag.txt

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