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Beehives don't spawn

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Recently updated DST on PS4.

We created two worlds with the settings "Killer bees: None" and "Beehives: Normal", but both of them spawned with dozens of killer bee hives and no normal beehives. Even stranger, the killer bee hives don't spawn bees, even when we destroy them. We have found the giant bee hive. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Steps to Reproduce

Recently updated DST on PS4.

We create new worlds with the settings "Killer bees: None" and "Beehives: Normal". Let me know if you need a longer list of settings.

User Feedback

We found that our problem was that bees are now a different configuration than bee hives, and on a different page now. Not a bug, just operator error. Not sure why bees are set to None as a default for the Terraria base config.

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