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Bee Queen continuously spawning grumble bees

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In the 3rd or 4th phase of Bee Queen, she keeps spawning grumble bees when far away from the player. I didn't kill any of the grumble bees yet she kept spawning them if grumble bees are off-screen. The grumble bees also become "passive", as in they don't charge when the bee queen shrieks, sort of the behavior you would see after you defeat Bee Queen. 

Steps to Reproduce

Get bee queen off-screen during 3rd/4th phase, but not too far till she despawns.

Let grumble bees chase you due to attack animation of bee queen (when she shrieks)

Pan flute the grumble bees then run back to bee queen (which is off-screen)


User Feedback

i think you lure them to far from bq causing her to spawn more bees 

if i remember right if the current grumble bees are off screen by a bit it will trigger bq to summon more

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