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Bearger shouts and does not come.

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Good time of day. 
Bearger starts screaming every fall, from the FIRST day summer ends, instantly.
It started not so long ago, about 2 weeks ago, before that the game was normal. The screaming continues all the time, but there is no boss. Re-entry doesn't help, deleting all mods doesn't help either. Although I don't have many mods. 
One day I decided to make a Bearger console. Killed him after that. The screaming stopped. But next fall he screams again and doesn't come. 
Before that, he was killed 100% and cannot be anywhere on the map.
The character warns about his arrival all the time, but there is no boss. It goes on all the time.
You can see phrases in Russian in the video.
"Это похоже на большого злого чудища!" ("It looks like a big evil monster!")

Help.. The third year in the game I hear it.

2022-03-25 16-55-12.mkv

Steps to Reproduce

Perhaps I can help with the following information :
It started when it rained on the night between the summer and autumn seasons. The oasis dried up during the rain. And when autumn came, the Bear immediately began to scream.
It happened on March 2. Therefore , I do not have such old saves :(
I provided a video and a log file. I hope this helps.

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