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bag and bag content duplication

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while playing with wanda in the caves yesterday I somehow managed to duplicate my bag and its content.

I used my backtrek watch to exit the caves when i returned to that spot in the caves there was another Klaus Sack with all of the items that  were in it when I Back Trekked out.

Steps to Reproduce

have not attempted to reproduce

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Do you have any extra information, was there lag right about when you exited the caves?
Are you on console or steam?
Before returning to your spot did you restart your game, rollback your world etc.?

Any other details you can think of would be appreciated.

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honestly its hard to say.
no lag
on steam
likely had restarted or rolledback before returning to the caves

not really sure what may be relevant. my initial though was that i may have left starsky in my bag when i used the Backtrek watch to exit,

(assuming that sense starsky is forced to stay in the caves the bag got tied to him)


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