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Backpack Inventory Won't Close

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Sometimes when I need to switch bags of any kind or remove my bag, my backpack inventory is still there and covers the inventories of my other bags. It remains there even when I have nothing on. I've tried to put my backpack on again and close it but it just makes 2 screens. The over lapping inventory still works and is connected to my backpack it just doesn't go away no matter what I do in game, even if I die.

The only way to fix it is reboot my game over and over. I've tried to remove all mods to see if that was the problem, however, the bug still persisted.


dst bug 2.PNG

dst bug 3.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

The issue usually happens when I switch between bags/remove my backpack without closing the current bag I'm removing. It usually happens randomly but only when I remove my bag to switch it out.

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