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Backed up twitch drops not going in inventory

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My twitch account is oldmanndan and for about two months after I've claimed my drops on my Twitch account (those drops being the rusty anchor, abandoned ship, and more recently the nouveau crown) every time I've gone to claim them not a single one of them have shown up in my steam inventory for what has now been a concerning two months long amount of time. I have my steam account properly connected to my twitch account, and the drops have been working just fine up until the anchor, so I'm just hoping if anything could be done about this to help? I have a lot of respect for the Klei team and their ability to help their community so I'm hoping reaching out will be able to finally help my problem. 


- With love, Dan

Steps to Reproduce

Be oldmanndan on twitch, claim drops, have them not show up in inventory for over two months

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