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acces to caves impossible

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First I saw another topic about a similar bug, but my case seems more global.

So in any random world with caves on DST, everytime i try to go in caves, my game crashes, i've got a white screen (once black) and at some point i'm disconnected of the server, so i have to restart the game.

The point is this bug happened whatever if it's some friend's server, a dedicated one, or even if i'm the host. I tried many time, without any mods, I reinstalled the game but still have this issue.

I played one a laptop.


Steps to Reproduce
Just try to go in caves

User Feedback

Problem solved with some little help (Huge). the solution was pretty simple but it doesn't come to my mind to look in that direction.

So the probleme was an issue with my antivirus, who blocked the acces to Klei. The worst part was my antivirus (Kaspersky) was out of date, so I really didn't expect that !

I don't really know how to close the topic, but I put my solution, it may help someone!


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