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a strange glitch with wild mode and wanda

slurper gaming
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a very strange bug happened when one rolls back and at the same time is going to a temp wormhole made by wanda  idk how to explain all the effects but  first i ended up on the overworld shard then when i started over heating i had strange effects one was this strange flashbang basicly a loading screen sometimes seen when your computer sucks (like mine) and also another effect was overheating overlay replaced with burning overlay and also was unable to turn my cam pics to help show and thenin the very end i ended up back in the cave shard in the wrong place (edit it also duped my body) image.png.004b0649dd6938f1d647e79e58d042b5.png




Steps to Reproduce

idk read above

User Feedback

i had this bug years ago from a roll back i couldn't move and my screen was burning

i never managed to reproduce it and never thought i'll see it again 0_0)

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