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A few strings from strings.pot don't get properly translated by language mods

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This is a year old bug, so I apologize if it's been brought up before.

When making a custom modded language, some random string translations simply do not work, they're not being translated with my own submitted translation files, this is most obvious in the Server Creation menu:

Using POedit, if you attempt to translate and change the strings related to the options like the "Standard" or "Relaxed" setting for a world, the translation does not go through, the game overwrites it to default no matter what I do.

I have confirmed that I'm not the only one facing this issue; here's an up-to-date Spanish translation from the workshop.
In the comments the creator has spoken that they did translate this screen, but for some reason the game does not want to use their translations fully. The same is happening to me and my own language mod.

This is seemingly happening at random to very few strings, not all newly added strings from recent updates get this bug, but its affecting a very important screen to understand.

I am raising this problem because since Wilson's rework, his entire skill tree is facing the same problem.

I have observed this issue in the Server Creation screen, Wilson's skill tree, and World Presets on world settings.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a custom language mod using POedit and the strings.pot file that is provided to modders by the devs, and attempt to change the strings related to the Server Creation menu or to Wilson's skill tree.

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