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A critical bug causing Server Crash with fish scale-o-matic

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We detected an easy way to crash the server with a fish scale-o-matic, a heavy item and a fish. We have reproduced it successfully either on a non-dedicated or on a dedicated server (No server-side mod added).

Please fix it ASAP.

Steps to Reproduce


Step 1. Carry a heavy item of any kind (except giant crops) on the back.

Step 2. Put a fish of any kind into a fish scale-o-matic.

Step 3. The server crashes.

Besides, if the heavy item on the back is a giant crop, the server won't crash, but the crop instead of the fish will be put in the scale, and the scale will show the weight of the crop (without showing anything inside the tank).

Two crash logs are provided as follows and please fix it ASAP. Thanks!

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