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【Solved/解決済み】Can't change character to Wurt(キャラクターをワートに変更できない)

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【Progress Reports/経過報告】
It seems to have caused a conflict with a specific mod. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


When I tried to change my character to Wurt using Moon Rock Idol, I got an error like the image (error.png) and the game stopped.
I checked the integrity of the files on the Steam side, reinstalled repeatedly, disabled the mods on the client side, disabled the last used character adding mod, and deleted my save data on the server side, but the situation did not improve (the error log was consistently the same (The error log was consistently the same).
It seems to say "trying to compare values with Nil", but I couldn't find any precedent for this on my end.
I checked and it seems to be a client-side error, not a mod error, but I don't know any more than that, so please investigate.

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【Original text/原文】

Moon Rock Idol(月の石の偶像)を利用してキャラクターをWurt(ワート)に変更しようとしたところ、画像(error.png)のようなエラーが発生し、ゲームが止まってしまいました。

Note1:"modoverrides.lua" is the server-side mod configuration provided by the server host.

Note2:An error occurred on a private dedicated server "Dedicated server" owned by the server host (not me).
サーバーホスト(私ではありません)が所有する個人専用サーバー"Dedicated server"にてエラーが発生しました。

Note3:The server host does not own Wurt DLC (Wurt Deluxe Chest).
サーバーホストはWurt(ワート)のDLC(Wurt Deluxe Chest)を所有していません。

Note4:I was using a mod character just before, so I don't know how reproducible it is on vanilla characters or other DLC characters.

【Mod character used just before/直前に使用していたMODキャラクター】
Steamワークショップ::Meika's 鳴花ヒメ・ミコト (steamcommunity.com)

【Use MOD(in client)/使用MOD(クライアント側)】
Steamワークショップ::Combined Status (steamcommunity.com)
Steamワークショップ::Craft Pot [DS, ROG, SW, DST] (steamcommunity.com)
Steamワークショップ::Wormhole icons (steamcommunity.com)
Steamワークショップ::Geometric Placement (steamcommunity.com)
Steamワークショップ::Don't Starve Together 日本語化MOD (steamcommunity.com)

【About MDMP files/MDMPファイルについて】
There is no file because it is not a beta version.

I could not log in with Wurt even in the initial state.The Wurt skin does not appear to be normal from the host.


DxDiag.txt modoverrides.lua

Steps to Reproduce

Dedicate Moon Rock Idol to Celestial Portal and replace the character with Wurt.

Celestial Portal(天界の門)にMoon Rock Idol(月の石の偶像)を捧げ、キャラクターをWurt(ワート)に入れ替える。

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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