Becoming trapped on edge of boat or shore

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This is an issue I've had come up multiple times, but every time it's been a different situation, typically chaotic, so I can't pin down a single cause. A lot of hopping, or items placed on the boat?

Either way, it causes a character to become trapped on the perimeter of the boat, neither on land nor in the water, twitching rapidly, unable to craft or interact with items. Teleport commands don't work, only relogging does.

Similarly, I've jumped off of a boat just as it was sinking, drowned on land, become a ghost stuck in place, been revived with a telltale heart, and then had the similar stuck-in-place, but I couldn't travel the perimeter as I could with the boat. I could teleport, but when I teleported, I'd be dragged back to the area where I respawned/drowned initially, with the 0 boat HP part of the HUD still visible.

This is the most critical bug I've encountered but I can't pin down a reason.

Steps to Reproduce
- Have boat - Perhaps have the boat have clutter - Hop to boat - ??? OR alternatively just hop to shore or to another boat Right as your boat sinks

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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