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Sails direction completely ignored while anchor dropped and boats drifts forever.

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If you are sailing in one direction with 1 or 2 winged sails and then you drop the anchor, the boat will keep drifting indefinitely in the direction that was set before dropping the anchor, and turning the wheel to change course is completely ignored. I've attached a video "Sails" to illustrate this. In a similar way, you can open the winged sails while the anchor is dropped and the boat will stay in place but if you then row in one direction once, the boat will keep drifting forever that way and the direction of sails is again completely ignored. I've also attached a video "Oar" to illustrate this.

This makes navigating through sea stack, salt formations, and sea weeds only possible with an oar and not with sails as it is not possible to change directions with sails while the anchor is dropped.


Steps to Reproduce

- Sail in one direction with 1 or 2 winged sails

- Drop the anchor 

- change direction of the sails and it will be ignored. the boat will keep drifting in the original direction forever.


- heave the winged sails while the anchor is dropped and then row in one direction, try to change direction of the boat using the steering wheel. Sails direction ignored even though the oar is capable of changing the direction. It is illogical for the oar to stronger than 2 winged sails.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I am experiencing the same issue, and it is not just winged sails - the exact same happens with regular sails as well. It seems the anchor mechanics completely break the sails' physics. When the anchor is lowered the boat keeps drifting, but if you then also lower the sails it stops, which makes sense. But once you reopen the sails the boat stays still completely, whereas if you use an oar you can move it even while the anchor remains down. It is illogical for oars to exert stronger force than open sails, so this is definitely a bug. 

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