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[RE-REPORT*2] The three rooms "RabbitSinkhole", "SpiderIncursion" and "GreenMushSinkhole" don't seem to generate resources properly

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The three cave rooms use a special method to generate prefabs, but there seem to be some issues.Only the first prefab in parentheses will be generated, the others are ignored.

For example "GreenMushSinkhole",Only "mushtree_small" and "evergreen" are generated, "flower_cave", "cave_fern", "grass", "sapling" and "berrybush" are not generated.

And all the content of the distributeprefabs below is ignored, I guess that's why there are no resources anywhere other than the center of the room.

2003088963_.thumb.png.208cb1a4bf8b90acb23025ad81fa9ce4.png 793774163_.thumb.png.08de7a04b20d5196a4c1ee2426405bbd.png


The same is true for the other two rooms.

1636568556_.thumb.png.375ecd5e5d163ab32e5035dbace28648.png 1969886993_.thumb.png.da70206d265b15fd7ea7ffd42f069c2b.png


334924543_.thumb.png.4550e089a2b8e212f9d13b9c1e50fd25.png 1553399628_.thumb.png.e3874b874c72e145b5025cf032591f00.png



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