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Brightshade Swords Planar Damage does not scale with character damage multiplier (Repost)

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The Brightshade Sword deals less damage than it should as characters with a damage bonus (Wigfrid, Wolfgang) or under the influence of a damage bonus (Volt Goat Chaud Froid, Pepper Spice). 

The Planar Damage is what doesn't scale with character damage buffs. Planar Damage does scale with alignment damage bonuses but not character damage bonuses.


This is a re-report as the first one was closed without comment or notification that it's status was changed to closed, so i'm unsure if someone changed it to closed without it giving me a notification or if it's intentionally not scaling.

Steps to Reproduce

Hit a mob or dummytarget with Dark Sword and Brightshade Sword as Wigfrid/Wolfgang or under the influence Warlies food damage buffs.

Measure and compare damage

Notice Brightshade Sword deals less.



User Feedback

I think it is intentional. Planar damage isn't affected by any damage multipliers.

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