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Being Unable to Click/Controller Disconnecting

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Playing as Woodie with my partner being Wormwood, I use keyboard and they use controller.

Several times we both noticed that we would be unable to do actions. I wouldn't be able to click anything and their controller would disconnect.

For example, I used a moose idol and was unable to charge until i disconnected and reconnected. The prompt and icon would appear, but right clicking wouldn't do anything. I would also be unable to put wood on the fire, when I took it out of my inventory and hovered over the firepit the game would act as if there was nothing there. I couldn't drop things onto the ground either. The keyboard shortcuts for actions would still work, I just couldn't click anything.

We played for just 17 days and this happened several times. To fix it, I would disconnect from the server and my partner said they were minimizing then tabbing back into the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Unknown, seemed to happen at random but happened often enough to be notable.

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