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The bugs I found

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*Game crashes after I spend a day or two in the Volcano

* Lure plant spawned in a water grave area (deep blue)

*Houndtooth crown only giving sanity boost after it reached 0% durability and while on a boat.

*Game crashes if there is too much monkey business (too many monkeys, snakes and wind tends to crash my game)

*Sealnado being stunlockable sometimes ( I couldn't recreate this bug but I was able to stunlock two out of 7 Sealnados)

* Volcano eruption still being active after using a meat effigy or Touch stone (Or is this intended?)

Steps to Reproduce
Just stay a day or two in the volcano. Not sure why the lureplant spawned in the middle of the ocean but I'm pretty sure it is a bug. Simply wearout the houndtooth crown to 0% and hop onto a boat. Be at the Hurricane season at dusk in an island with monkey, spiders and strong winds active. I'm not sure what makes sealnado stunlockable but I did it with a Supreme Cutlass and an armoured boat with Iron Wind attachment. Simply die during a volcano eruption with a touch stone or meat effigy active.

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