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several minor visual bug, that bugged me every time

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1. Limestone Armor recipe, no matter how many time i was prototyping it, it was still in prototype (like not prototyped yet)

2. Several placement like improved farm, and boats are replaced upon save and loading


3. when hiding under palm leaf hut, the quote still same like hiding under tree (not problem when playing with wes tough)

4. pirate hatted parrot loss their hat when putted inside birdcage and stop talking.. and back to pirate parrot upon harvested

5. there are still recipe that mention "Prestihatitor" while it was removed and changed in this game to "Piratihatitor" , not affect the gameplay tough

hope this fixed on another update (along with new character please!) Shipwrecked DLC is a total big improvement on Don't Starve, some things should be applied to vanilla and RoG version like walls placement and so on since in future you could warping between the world..

sorry for my bad grammar , keep up the good work dev, nice price, stay awesome and don't starve!


Steps to Reproduce
i tested it again without any mod, just several console command. Hope fixed ASAP along with new character update :p

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