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Game crashes trying to resurrect you in SW home world

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I travelled through the seaworthy portal, and on the other side I happened to find a touchstone, and then die. I was resurrected by the RoG touchstone without a problem. Then I died a second time. 


I did not get the final death screen and it looked like the game was trying to resurrect me at the touchstone I had back in the SW world, but couldn't and it crashed, with a Windows message "don'tstarve_steam.exe has stopped working". The save still exists, but whenever I try to open it, it crashes as well, same message.

Steps to Reproduce
Activate touchstone in SW world, die in RoG world.

User Feedback

@YsaNoire Thanks for the report. I haven't had much luck reproducing it, do you mind posting your log? It's located in \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt

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