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Friendly Boars don't stop running.

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When I was playing Shipwrecked (as Wendy if it means anything) the other day I came across an island that was half beach with two boar houses and half jungle with several prime ape huts. I gave the pigs some meat (Grilled Limpets and fish morsals) to get them to join me which they did. What became weird was when we found enemies. The was a small swamp in the middle of the jungle with a Merm hut, wanting some more food I clicked to attack the merm and backed off so that my Piggy friends could kill it for me. What was weird is that the pigs stood in place looking like they were reving up, similar to a tall bird before chasing you, and then they took off running straight ahead, bypassed the merms and just kept going. It was late so I made camp and waited out the night, but afterwards I walked around the island again and I found the pigs, still running, stuck on the invisible wall that stops you from going into the water. After I walked close enough they came back to my side, but when I tried attacking some Prime Apes they did the same thing, charged full force straight ahead until they hit an obstacle and then just kept running for eternity or until I came close by.


Edit: I managed to get it to happen again, this time while fighting Bees and managed to get a screen shot. Seems to just happen at random, even weirder is that this time he ran in the opposite direction of where the bees were. There were also odd instances where it would just punch the air.56b6a7fde70a5_BadPig.thumb.png.8bf0c5efd

Steps to Reproduce
Find two wild boars as Wendy and befriend them with Cooked Limpets and Fish Morsels and proceed to have them attack Merms or Prime Apes.

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