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Instant Overheat in Volcano

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I changed a couple of world settings - NOT season length which has caused issues previously. The world has instant overheat in the volcano. ie Wearing a Dumbrella, carrying three iced thermal stones and continuously eating ice still causes immediate, health-losing overheat. Fixed only by wearing chilled amulet or standing right next to cold fire. Wearing Dumbrella and floral shirt doesn't prevent overheating or modify time to onset AT ALL (it's still instant as soon as you enter Volcano or move away from fire). This has been reported on other forums elsewhere (Reddit). I have played enough worlds that I can say this is completely abnormal. Very sad as found an awesome map and this is world-ending. 

Also, the bug where you lose all land-based birds after the first full cycle of seasons is still happening. 

Steps to Reproduce

Make new world. My character was Woodlegs. Turned off eruptions/dragoon eggs. Turned off lightning and flooding.  Reduced a few other things like crocodogs, stink-rays, mosquitos, removed poison effect. 

World seemed normal/as set until I got to Volcano. World-ending instant overheat, only modifiable by chilled amulet. 

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