Game crash day 23

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Most of crash reports are about crashing the third day but I constantly crash on day 23 (when I enter the hurricane season i guess) when the wind is blowing and there's heavy rain. Hope the crash report can help you.

Btw I'm playing on iPad Air ios 10.2


Steps to Reproduce
Just playing until day 23, start of hurricane season I guess, lot of wind and rain.

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Following the last update I have no more crash reports, but the game shuts down on day 23 when autosaving. I'm a little worried that the hurricane season is a (too?) heavy process for my iPad Air :/

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Well i have a unconventional solution if you want this to not happen again i suggest you mosify the hurricane season all the way to none and modify the mild season all the way to very long so that you have the usual 40 days to prepare for moonsoon season (which is the most confusing and dangerous season for new players who dont understand tthe mechanics of FLOODING) I tested this solution it worked for me

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