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[Game Update] - 193934

Release Date: 10/19/16

Update Information:

Another bugfix patch for Shipwrecked! Awesome! This time we were focused on performance improvements, especially in Shipwrecked worlds. Take 'er for a spin, feel the speed!

We also fixed up some lingering world merging/world travel issues, and we believe we've fixed the issues people were having with steam cloud saving failing to save at all (this resulted in things like caves being regenerated every time you tried to leave).

Also a note for PS4 Shipwrecked players: All the updates from the last few weeks have been bundled into a PS4 patch, so you'll get those after it is reviewed by Sony and submission is completed!

Change List:


  • Lots of performance improvements! The main areas that have been improved are:

    • Gameplay slowing down as the world is explored.

    • Gameplay slowing down after a long play session.

    • Performance during wind storms.

    • Certain creatures brains when they are stuck behind walls.

    • Monkeys. Oh the monkeys.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when an object blowing in wind leaves the screen.

  • Hounds progress is correctly synchronized between worlds -- no more hound attacks every time you use the Seaworthy! Now, hounds "progress" is shared across worlds.

  • Volcano/appeasement is correctly synchronized between worlds.

  • Eyebone/Fishbone is properly ejected from backpacks when using seaworthy.

  • Altered some Steam Cloud settings to prevent caves from continuously regenerating and progress from being lost.

  • ROG toggle works properly in shipwrecked-compatible slots. This includes: Starting a new Vanilla or ROG slot w/ SW compatibility, connecting SW to an existing Vanilla or ROG slot, and making a new Vanilla or ROG world using the Seaworthy.

  • Goose Egg/Goose Egg no longer disappear shortly after appearing.

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