[Game Update] - 190428

Release Date: 09/15/16

Update Information:

This is a short list of bug patches mainly for putting out the fix for the RemoveHerd() function crash that is affecting a number of folks. 

Change List:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a “RemoveHerd” crash.

  • Seagulls won’t spawn on land during monsoon season when set to “none” at world gen.

  • Fixes a potential crash when testing if something not in the world is on water.

  • Shipwrecked character’s specific items are guaranteed so they will appear when using the teleportato

  • Fixes a crash with the wake spawner.

  • Cleaned up a “stale component” message in the log when exiting a boat

  • Fixes a bug with the wave collision calculation that would cause collisions when it shouldn’t

  • Fixes a graphic bug with ash.

There are a number of different entries in the tracker at the moment that are probably caused the same bug. There are some inconsistencies in the way time is processed when entering and leaving places like the Volcano. It touches a lot of places in the code, so it's a trickier problem to solve, but hopefully when it's done, quite a few of the problems you've been having will clear up.

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