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[Game Update] - 469287

Release Date: 06/24/21

Update Information:


Hello friends!

Today we present The Big Merge Update: A highly technical squishing of the Base Game and Spaced Out! codebases. This means that Spaced Out! owners can toggle the DLC on-and-off from the main menu with a simple restart of the game. Playing the Base Game in this way will  give you all the bug fixes and quality improvements that we've added to Spaced Out! since we went into early access, while still allowing you to enjoy the game-play of the original ONI you know and love.

(These changes will be coming to the Base Game for all ONI players in the next few updates, but we're limiting them to Spaced Out! owners to make sure they get proper testing for now.)

What we're working on here is the continuing evolution of Oxygen Not Included. While our attention has been mostly on the DLC lately, our desire has always been to improve and evolve the game as a whole. There are a number of changes that we've made in Spaced Out! which are just intrinsically good improvements to the game, some we had planned for the Base Game all along but finally got the opportunity to implement during Spaced Out! development.

This includes the many bug fixes and minor improvements we've made during Spaced Out's development, including fixing several major simulation bugs and countless typos. It also means modding should be simplified because there is only one version of the game to mod against.

Speaking of modding... We have a doozy of a modding update! Modders, please read Updating to Harmony 2.0. To all players: these significant technical changes are going to result in many mods needing updating in order to work. Please be kind to the modding community and give them time to react to the new code.

This patch also includes updating our development to the next major version of the Unity engine. While this has little impact on what you see as a player, it's necessary for us to continue supporting the game and pushing development forward.

These are the features that you've seen in Spaced Out! which are now going to be part of the Base Game:

  • New traits, including skill-granting traits
  • Some shuffling of the tech tree, notably moving most of the Conveyor Rails techs one tier earlier
  • Updated food storage/refrigeration mechanics will be the same in both versions of the game
  • Meter Valves are now in the Base Game
  • Oxygen Masks are now in the Base Game
  • Suit durability mechanics will be available in the Base Game (but toggled off in the game settings by default)
  • "Stinging eyes" and related debuffs which give all players more reason to be cautious with chlorine
  • The Diagnostics panel, updated Resource screen, and other UI improvements will be consistent for all versions of the game
  • Demolition skill will be available for everyone!

All other new content (in particular the new rockets and multi-asteroid starmap, and radiation buildings and overlay) will remain in Spaced Out! only.

Spaced Out! owners are now able to try this new version of the Base Game - just launch the game as usual and use the button in the main menu to toggle the DLC off. (You'll know it worked if your build number starts with "MD")

Thanks for sticking with us through this large technical challenge. If you notice anything that seems to be amiss between the two versions of the game, please report it as a bug! And as always, we'd love to hear any other feedback you have. Take care!


What's New and Improved?


  • New Unified version of the Base Game based on the Spaced Out! codebase (Currently only for Spaced Out! owners)
    • Now Spaced Out! owners can use the button in the main menu to quickly toggle between Spaced Out! and the original Oxygen Not Included experiences
    • Spaced Out! players will be familiar with the fixes and improvements contained in this codebase, but now you can enjoy those fixes in the Base Game!
  • Content Merged to base Oxygen Not Included (Currently only for Spaced Out! owners)
    • Meter Valves
    • Oxygen Mask Station and associated buildings
    • Demolish skill
    • Gas/Liquid Irritation
    • Suit durability (defaults to "Indestructible" in Base Game)
    • New Diagnostics and Resources panels
    • Skill-granting traits
  • New Sounds:
    • Added sound for Solid, Liquid and Gas Meter Valves
    • Added rocket flying sounds to rockets on the Starmap
    • Added Starmap Interplanetary Payload inflight sound
    • Added sound for Drillcone
    • Added Material Study Terminal sound
    • Added sound for Gassy Mooteor falling and landing
    • Added voice to Gassy Mooteor falling animation, and updated impact voice.
    • Added specific Gravitas Door sounds.
    • Added Radbolt collision sound
    • Added launching, falling sounds to Interplanetary Payloads
  • Added research tier descriptions
  • Added Space POI descriptions
  • New Codex Entries (all plant and critter codexes are now up-to-date)
    • Sporechid
    • Experiment 52B
    • Rover
    • Plug Slug
    • Divergent
    • Beetas
  • New Laser Beam fx for Demolish tasks
  • Updated Harmony modding library to This obsoletes all DLL mods in the test branch. Please be kind to your modders, as this is a rather large change for them to deal with! Modders, the full details are in this post.

Changes And Improvements

  • Updated Russian and Chinese translations
  • Revised the radbolt port design on the Diamond Press, tweaked rotation and interact anims
  • Added Drillcone diamond storage meter
  • Increased Diamond Press recipe mass and work time leading to significantly more diamond throughput
  • Diamond Press radbolt storage capacity adjusted to 2x diamond recipe radbolt requirement
  • Radbolt Engine and Diamond Press meters are more granular
  • Moved Liquid Meter Valve and Gas Meter Valve to different techs
  • Revised the landed animation for the Solar Panel Module
  • Revised colours on the Materials Research hat
  • Adjust mix of the Starmap music so any stingers/game music that plays conflicts less with the Starmap theme
  • Adjust mix in Starmap so game sounds are less audible
  • Correct music plays in the main menu depending on whether Spaced Out! is enabled or not
  • Entombed Building Diagnostic now works
  • Worldgen: Added new Gravitas props to Teleporter POIs
  • Worldgen:
    • Terra Cluster (Spaced Out Style):
      • Increased minimum starting area size
      • Moved the Jungle's Cool Steam Vent a bit further away
      • Switched guaranteed marsh geyser from Cool Steam Vent to Natural Gas Geyser
      • Added small number of Frozen biomes below the surface
      • Added guaranteed Cool Salt Slush and Cool Slush geysers
      • Increased amount of water in the starting biome
      • Slightly increased starting biome size
      • Decreased size of Barren biome
    • Increased the amount of Cobalt Ore in the Swamp
    • Classic Style Terra Cluster’s second asteroid:
      • Removed Jungle and added Forest
      • Moved starting location down so it doesn’t appear right below the crust
    • Geyser tuning including more randomness in selection
      • Some geyser configurations allow duplicate geysers to be selected for more randomness
      • Classic Terra Cluster - From the previous update: more geysers on the main asteroid and less on the second asteroid as originally intended
      • Terra - Added 3 curated geysers
      • Swamp - Added 3 curated geysers
      • Forest - Expanded curated geysers list and increased 2 -> 3
      • Marshy Asteroid - Significantly improved geyser spawning rules so more will spawn on average
      • Closest non-teleporter asteroid in the Space Out style clusters: +1 geyser
  • (Modders) WorldGen file structure changes.
    • Deprecated 'pointsOfInterest' in favor of subworldTemplateRules
    • TemplateRules by default do not allow duplicates. Use allowDuplicates=true to override
    • Moved SubWorld specific geysers to World files and changed them to be guaranteed
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to 2020.3

Bug Fixes

  • Desalinator no longer has a minimum output temperature for Brine
    • This may break some existing setups (frozen output pipes)
  • Duplicants now properly migrate between worlds when changing worlds in both rockets and through the Teleporter Transmitter
  • Various typo fixes and description tweaks
  • Fixed issue with lead suits where dupes would not rush to return suit if the lead suit tank was almost empty but the oxygen tank was still full
  • Updated title text for the update image in the main menu
  • Corrected capitalization of kilogram
  • Fixed issue where buildings did not refresh their skill-required operations when Duplicants were teleported between worlds
  • Clicking on the Skills button no longer crashes the game after a Spacefarer Module has been deconstructed
  • Fixed crash that could occur when collecting space artifacts with multiple Artifact Transport Modules on the rocket
  • Space POI resources are now discovered when mined allowing them to be unloaded using rocket ports
  • Diamond Press radbolt meter hookup
  • Marshy Asteroid's Experiment 2B is now located further away from the surface
  • Fixed issue preventing change of Duplicant selection in the skills screen
  • Update DLC toggle popup text as a download is no longer required
  • Game now properly restarts when toggling DLC from the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save file with a rocket with multiple Solar Panel Modules would not produce power
  • Made several more Gravitas objects demolishable
  • Fixed typo in Landing Beacon description
  • Fixed various typos of Beetas and Plug Slugs
  • Dragging the order of mods on the mods screen no longer sends mods to the bottom of the list randomly. Drop position is now also calculated "between" mod entries so it's easier to change the order intentionally
  • Fixed layering issue with Telescope when a Duplicant is using it
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing Small Gas Cargo Module.
  • Fixed Gassy Mooteor anim hitch on impact
  • Mutant seeds don't lose their mutations when marking for compost
  • Space POIs properly seed their random values, instead of all ending up with the same value
  • Fixed an issue where an unintended amount of geysers were spawning on some asteroids
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the destination Teleporter Transmitter POI would sometimes appear above the surface in the Forest and Swamp clusters


  • Improved performance of opening the Load Game screen by 50%
  • Fixed stutter at the Main Menu caused by the Resume Game button refreshing. Also improved its performance by 70%
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Entombed Buildings Diagnostic


  • Mod uploader now shows an error if any common game data is in a mod upload package
  • Mod uploader allows selecting whether your mod is compatible with Base Game and Spaced Out!
  • DLL Mods will need to be updated to continue working with the game. Please read this post for full details.
  • New UserMod2 class: inherit from this class in your mods to use the new modding functionality
  • The UserMod2 class now has a `mod` property on it which will contain a reference to the Mod this assembly is being loaded by
  • mod_info.yaml has a new optional field `version`, a string that gets prepended with a 'v' in the UI
  • mod_info.yaml has a new field `APIVersion`. If a mod loads a DLL, this must be set to `2` to indicate that the latest version of the mod system (i.e. Harmony2.0) is being used, otherwise the mod will be disabled
  • mods.yaml has a new optional field `staticID`. If provided, this will be stored on the Mod object for reference, as well as used as the ID provided to Harmony. This can be used to more reliably detect when other mods are installed, regardless of how they were installed.
  • The Mod class now has a field `packagedModInfo` which contains the mod_info.yaml from the loaded version of that mod
  • `lastWorkingBuild` has been replaced by `minimumSupportedBuild` in mod_info.yaml. The behaviour is now: "From the mod archives with supported content, pick the one with the highest supported build that doesn't exceed the game build."
    • When you update a mod for testing branch, just put the existing version in an archive folder, and make your preview version have the preview build as the minimumSupportedBuild
    • This change is also being made to the non-Spaced Out! version of the game, for forward compatibility



Fixes since the last preview build

  • Gassy Mooteor flatulence no longer interferes with revealing the surface
  • Fix crash loading Atmo Suits in some Base Game saves
  • Save file migration was accidentally turned off for Spaced Out. It is now turned on again.
  • Fixed a crash loading saves with modded objects
  • Fix for the game getting into an inconsistent state if trying to enable the DLC from the main menu when the DLC was not "installed" in Steam.
  • Fixed crash when switching between worlds while viewing the out of bounds area above the surface.
  • Worldgen: Teleporter world of the Spaced Out Forest and Swamp clusters height was incorrect. Now it's the same size as the one in the Spaced Out Terra cluster.


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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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