[Game Update] - 466203

Release Date: 06/02/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends! Today's final Public Testing patch before tomorrow's update contains a feature which will upgrade existing saves with Space Points-of-Interest! There's also a number of crash fixes and general improvements. Enjoy!


  • Added Gravitas Spacejunk Points of Interest to each cluster’s space map.
  • Add CustomGameSetting to toggle Teleporters
  • Space POIs are now added to legacy saves that do not have them.


  • Polished Material Study Terminal art.
  • Fabricator recipe side screens now show the recipe's radbolt cost.
  • Added "missing diamond" launch warning to Drillcone.
  • Updated Nosh Bean Plant and Saturn Trap Plant codex entries.
  • Added a two second "landing cooldown" where rockets keep igniting while they're on the pad.
  • Small tweaks to rocket exhaust animations.
  • Updated gravitas pedestal artwork
  • Added artifact availability indicator to space POI info panel.
  • Added Artifact Transport Module cargo info to selected rocket info panel.
  • Disabled unnecessary "Rockets at this location" section of space POI info panel.
  • POI Broken Elevator is now demolishable.


  • Fixed issue causing diamond press work orders to stall.
  • Fixed issue preventing Duplicants from easily delivering diamond to Drillcone while on adjacent ladders.
  • Took liquid hydrogen and diamond out of the Space Resource POI descriptions.
  • Fixed issue causing gathered resource quantity to change based on module count.
  • Many POI items are now Demolishable at standard deconstruction range.
  • Fixed missing geyser sounds for new geysers/volcanos.
  • Fixed issue causing anim playback issue on solar panel module.
  • Fixed Drillcone gear animation glitch
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing Trailblazer Module.
  • Trailblazer Module no longer plays the landing animation when already landed.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on Unrefrigerated Food notification
  • Fixed issue causing artifacts in transport modules to disappear on load
  • Fixed crash that could occur when all artifacts were discovered


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