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[Game Update] - 577063

Release Date: 10/17/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Updated Russian and Chinese localizations.


  • All versions
    • Fixed formatting issue with critter age in details screen.
    • Fixed a bug where buildings under construction didn't show all their effects listed under the Effects section (in the info screen) when selected.
    • Fixed a bug where the logic input port for critter traps was not working.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when Dream Journals were delivered to the Somnium Synthesizer.
    • Fixed a bug where delivering zero Dream Journals to the Somnium Synthesizer would prevent further delivery errands from being created.
    • Fixed issue causing building health bars to hide and show unexpectedly when toggling between different overlays.
    • Fixed a crash when canceling Move To errands if the item was already at the location.
    • Fixed a crash when queuing multiple Move To errands where one of the items was already at the location.
    • Fix crash that could occur when loading a save with an invalid Move To order.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed Grubfruit plants not dropping fruit when playing on higher game speeds.

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