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[Game Update] - 544222

Release Date: 02/21/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi all, today's public testing patch has a few bug fixes and some polish to the beta's features. Patch notes below.

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Build menu list view subcategories are now collapsible. 
    • Added 'Clear Search' button to the build menu.
    • Better build menu list view sizing for categories with fewer buildings available.
    • Added a warning popup to indicate that exiting the Overjoyed Responses screen in the Supply Closet will discard any selections that have not yet been applied to the Duplicant.
    • Added tooltips to buttons in Duplicants and Overjoyed Responses screens when grayed out, as well as to grid items in Overjoyed Responses screen.
    • Added icon for Balloon Artist category in Overjoyed Responses screen.
    • Updated all localizations.


  • All versions
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a fabricator or the Skills Screen with no living Duplicants.
    • "Balloon Buddy" and "Serenaded" status items should now accurately report how much time is remaining for them.
    • Fixed circle appearing on Landscape Canvas.
    • Fixed color of blank Portrait Canvas to match the other canvases.
    • When a Balloon Artist Duplicant hands out a balloon, the Duplicant receiving the balloon should now receive the same style of balloon.
    • Fixed arm skin color not matching in one instance.
    • Fixed some strings containing invalid characters. 
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed an issue where tool icons were not visible on other worlds or inside rockets.
    • Fixed issue preventing Liquid and Gas output fittings from being buildable.

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