[Game Update] - 478105

Release Date: 09/10/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi everyone,

Today's patch for the Public Testing branch includes a couple new buildings, artwork revisions for Radbolt buildings, a couple new sounds, and some bug fixes.

The Party Line Phone is a new recreation building that Duplicants can use to talk to each other over long distances. The Radbolt Joint Plate is a solid tile that allows Radbolts to pass through one-way.

Full patch notes below. If you'd like to try the Public Testing branch you can follow the instructions listed here.

Have a good weekend!


  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Added Party Line Phone building.
    • Added Radbolt Joint Plate building.

Changes & Improvements

  • Added sound for automation overlay activation.
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Limited the height of rockets to 30 tiles when no engine exists to define the height.
    • Art updates to buildings with Radbolt input ports.
    • Added sound for radiation overlay activation.


  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Fixed crash that could occur on load for saves with stationary rockets.
    • Fixed Radbolts not colliding after passing through a Radbolt Reflector.


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