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[Game Update] - 469859

Release Date: 06/30/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends,

Today’s hotfix of the public_testing branch addresses some bugs affecting both Spaced Out! and the base game. The “ghost tiles” issue has been fixed, and Duplicants should no longer stall when using Wash Basins. A few new sounds and art changes are included as well.


  • General
    • Added Demolishing Gun sound
    • Added Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier sound
  • Spaced Out
    • New art & FX for the nuclear waste barrel.
    • Adjusted Artifact Analysis Station art


  • General:
    • Fixed rendering issue where "ghost tiles" appear on screen.
    • Fixed issue causing Duplicants to stall after using some buildings (such as the Wash Basin
  • Spaced Out
    • Material Researcher hat icon changed to yellow.
    • Worldgen: Fixed an issue where Beeta Hives would sometimes spawn entombed.

Hotfix 469859

  • Fixed issue causing Duplicants to sometimes get stuck leaving a rocket.

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