[Game Update] - 380770

Release Date: 11/19/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Balloon no longer shows in Database
  • Moved Gas Bottler into the "Improved Ventilation" tech tier
  • No more chores will awared infinite skillpoints to SuperProductive Dupes :fingerscrossed:
  • Updated Wind Tunnel animations
  • Add missing keybindings for Build category 13 and 14
  • Sticker bomber sounds added
  • Improved requirements of the wind tunnel
  • New Superproductive fx hooked up
  • Hooked up temperature and fullness meters to the Hot Tub
  • Edits to new building status descriptions
  • Updated in-game patch notes
  • Improved building description on the Beach Chair
  • Improved animations for the balloon "reciever"
  • Improved animations for the balloon "giver"
  • Updated Korean, Chinese, and Russian translations
  • Balloon Artist sound effects added
  • Carpets now give better decor and a stress reduction effect, but also slow down movespeed somewhat.
  • Updated Hot Tub artwork
  • Balloons are now hard attached to the duplicant they're following, and sync animations with that duplicant.
  • Recreation buildings no longer get light efficiency bonuses.
  • Duplicants no longer sound like they're dying when using the Mechanical Surfboard
  • Added Balloon Artist sound effects
  • Attempted fix for duplicants getting stalled at the end of a construct or dig for a few seconds.
  • Duplicants now become overjoyed when coming back from a space tourist trip
  • Stickers are now selectable.
  • "Sticker Type" is now tied to Duplicant personality  of Stickerbombers
  • Updated Mechanical Surfboard artwork
  • Fix UI staying disabled but visible if in screenshot mode when timelapser kicks in
  • Somewhat reduce the usage time of the Beach Chair
  • Several of the rec buildings now have a de-stressing effect. Beach chair provides sleep as well.
  • Hook up athletics-based anims for the surfboard.
  • Telescope doesn't show status warning for no starmap analysis target if all targets already analyzed
  • Hooked up new facial expressions for Sparkle & Balloon
  • Loading a world with no starmap target will put telescopes in an active state while researching nothing.
  • Hooked up proper Sticker Bomber movement animations
  • Balloon Artists will always run to their target location
  • Adjusted how the balloon giver interaction works
  • The balloon can no longer be unequipped

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