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[Game Update] - 354426

Release Date: 07/23/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Updated strings for colony initiatives
  • Many strings bugfixes
  • Icons show up correctly on the starmap screen
  • Fix a crash when connecting pipes
  • New artwork for saltwater geyser
  • Fix for the monument generating too awesome of decor and crashing the game
  • Further formatting for database entries, new entry for Priorities
  • Updated artwork for Airborne Critter Lure
  • Sandbox tools now have translatable strings
  • "Rock Granulator" is renamed to the "Amalgamator"
  • Fix an intermittent crash when pipes are merging contents
  • Clean up some log warnings that were causing lag
  • Guard against some crashes when a building tries to convert "nothing"
  • Renamed Dr. McClintock to Dr. Broussard in the log messages
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Algae Terrarium no longer crashes the game if modded
  • Room types are now properly sorted in the Rooms overlay
  • Aero Pot has its own positive decor now
  • Tofu animation positioned correctly on Microbe Musher
  • The conversion ratios of in-world saltwater and brine have been brought in line with their expected salinity
  • Disabled a UI effect that was causing a lot of lag whenever a details panel or management window was open

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