[Game Update] - 353781

Release Date: 07/19/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Updated artwork for Wood Gas Generator
  • Updated sound effects for Wood Gas Generator
  • Many strings that were previously untranslatable have been fixed
  • Salt shows up correctly at Mess Stations
  • Arbor Tree Database entries make more sense
  • Added Rust Deoxidizer sound effects
  • Added Object Dispenser sound effects
  • Automation signals have been renamed to "Green" and "Red" because Active and Standby were misleading in some situations
  • Logic Gate artwork now displays red and green for consistency
  • Broad text pass on automation strings and tooltips
  • Automation gates and tools techs have been reordered to provide a more¬†logical¬†progression
  • Fix "Requires Gas Output" tooltip
  • Many Database overview pages show their items in a grid instead of a list
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Updated Russian translations
  • Saltvine now has its own description
  • Trees will no longer grow multiple branches in the same location
    • Excess branches will be cleaned up on load
  • Automation circuits that trigger large amounts of changes at the same are less loud
  • Space Destination mass replenishing works correctly
  • Added sound when activating the Materials Overlay

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