[Game Update] - 350563

Release Date: 07/09/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Seed self-planting has been disabled again. Wild plants will no longer replant themselves if they get uprooted.
  • Pips are more picky about where they plant seeds, and won't crowd wild plants too close together.
  • More tooltips have received formatting
  • Fix duplicant's characteristics on the monument
  • Coal Generator CO2 output temperature has been corrected
  • Sink/Sanitizer/Ore Scrubber shows outputs under the correct heading in the building details
  • Duplicants no longer get stuck in a falling loop inside a door
    • Also Slicksters
  • Added "Tofu" food item
  • Tweaks to victory sequences
  • Remove a Journal entry that was crashing
  • Further revisions to Saltvine animations
  • Revisions to the Nosh Sprout animations
  • "Never autosave" actually won't save now
  • Can dump ice from the icemaker from the building's details panel
  • Decor plants now count as plants for Nature Reserves and Parks
    • But Tree branches do not
  • Fabricators will resume progress if the errand is interrupted
    • And also after save/load
  • Pip's "rummage" action no longer makes items invalid
  • Items produced by rummaging are displayed in the correct order
  • New Ethanol Distillery animations
  • "Large Glaciers" from world traits are created ice-cold, so they don't instantly melt
  • Large Boulders are a little smaller, and all boulders contain some igneous rock
  • Fixed a worldgen bug which was preventing things from being spawned, notably seeds in Ice biomes
  • Add a muckroot variant for the Forest starts. It's much more rare but contains lots of calories.
  • Fix crash when opening a Database entry for a tutorial that doesn't have a video
  • Updated Pip cheek artwork
  • Fix issue causing missing tooltips and incorrect cursors on the Build menu
  • Pipe optimizations have been added back in, along with bug fixes for:
    • Crashes when loops are created
    • Crashes when single pipes are destroyed
    • Pipe contents getting "blocked" by inline sources

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