[Game Update] - 349444

Release Date: 07/05/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey everyone! 

We were unable to fix the piping crash in time for the weekend, so we've backed out the piping optimizations. We'll continue to work on them over here and send them out again next week some time.

Additionally, we've done further work on building outputs, doing an iteration over all the buildings to ensure that their output temperatures and temperature behaviors are consistent with the design and theme goals of each building, and generally consistent with the rest of the system. This includes making the Water Sieve pass input heat directly to output heat. We're continuing to read your feedback and discussions on these mechanics, thanks so much for your support.

Have a fun weekend!

  • Fix a crash if a building attached to a pipe is destroyed
  • Fabricators show a status item if they don't have anything queued
  • Table Salt can now be stored
  • Totally Tubular achievement should no longer be awarded after load
  • Turn down Desalinator sounds a bit to fit more in line with rest of buildings
  • More tooltip formatting
  • Further Saltvine sound effects
  • Remove a behaviour where tree branches would be destroyed on harves
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Backed out the piping construction/flow optimizations to fix various hard crashes
  • Balance and consistency pass on many building's material output temperatures

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