[Game Update] - 348553

Release Date: 07/04/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends! We've made some changes to the way the temperatures of building outputs are calculated. Buildings which were previously outputting at a fixed temperature (i.e. the Water Sieve at 40°C) now treat that configuration as a minimum output temperature. If input materials are hotter than this, the output temperature will be correspondingly raised.

We've added rough descriptions of each output's behavior to the tooltips on the build menu.

Other than this algorithm change, the set temperatures and behaviours of buildings are untouched in this patch. We'll be testing and keeping an eye out for new issues that may arise from this, especially in the early game.

Your discussions and feedback are awesome, once again thank you!


  • Fix crash when loading old codex entries
  • Large overhaul to conduit flow algorithms. It should run significantly faster and be more correct.
  • Conduit data update when building new pipes is rewritten, should prevent a lag spike when adding new pipes.
  • Updated Saltvine artwork
  • Added colony summary button on reports screen
  • Clean up sick dupe status when they die
  • Fix crash when loading older saves with custom settings
  • Fetch chores of different types no longer "Block" each other from being completed. Fixes certain fetches never getting done if another fetch is low priority or unreachable. Fixes Duplicants not delivering to fabricators in some instances
  • Fix crash if a recipe is cancelled at the moment it's completed
  • Improvements to the victory sequence text layout and buttons
  • Pips and Pokes now have entries in the critter feeder
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • The various water types now have different densities so they will sort out when stacked
  • Fixed-temperature-output buildings will now output at a hotter temperature if their input materials are hotter than the configured temperature.
  • Most building output descriptions now include the output temperature
  • Negative rates in tooltips no longer (bracketed)

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