[Game Update] - 347957

Release Date: 07/03/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Further fix for "Outdoor Renovations" initiative
  • Ice Maker won't attempt to cool less than 100g of water
  • Tree Branches take much longer to grow old and self-harvest
  • Fix crash when loading older saves with custom settings
  • Updated Monument artwork
  • Fixed white flash in Gas Range Duplicant animations
  • Fixed bug where Duplicants could not learn a skill if they were below morale expectations and had an Interest in that skill
  • Fix crash when Duplicants and Pips deliver to the same farm plot
  • Updated artwork for Pips and Pip Eggs
  • Updated artwork for Duplicant Motion Sensor
  • Fixed various issues with loading colony summaries with unexpected colony names
  • Fixed loading colony summaries with Chinese colony names
  • String updates for skills and new materials
  • Updated artwork for Park Sign
  • Fixed some Arbor Tree sounds
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Added several new World Traits
  • Fix crash when Pokeshells are guarding an egg
  • Video player stretches to fullscreen
  • Monument sidescreen shows previews of each part
  • Reduced Gas Range input to 100g/s
  • Can navigate research screen with WASD
  • Fix crash when Lightbugs get lured
  • Transition temperature between Gas <-> Liquid Ethanol is now consistent
  • The output temperatures of the Ethanol Distillery and Rust Deoxydizer have been brought in line with their utility
  • Nosh Sprouts now irrigate with Polluted Water which remains liquid at their preferred temperature
  • Added missing animation states to the salt plant
  • Kelvin is no longer displayed as °K, just K.
  • Room Overlay legend is more clear about Effects vs Requirements
  • Improved ambient sound on main menu screens
  • Waterweed now requires irrigation (saltwater) and fertilizer (bleachstone)
  • Added bleachstone to the tidal pool biome


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