[Game Update] - 326830

Release Date: 04/17/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Swapped in the new artwork for the Early Access message screen
  • Mods can now overwrite all the remaining files in worldgen (biomes, features, subworlds, etc.)
  • Hooked up proper animations for the Automatic Dispenser
  • Fixed Duplicant scaling on the new game mode selection screen
  • Dupes printed from the portal (not starter dupes) come with 1 skill point
  • Tooltips on the skills screen should no longer go off the bottom of the screen
  • Deprecated buildings can no longer be copied
  • QOL2 saves which were upgraded to QOL3 will no longer show hearts on every skill
  • Door state is copied when copying settings between doors
  • Medical hat variants show correctly on the Skills screen
  • Logic timing should scale properly with game speed now
  • Skill Scrubber sounds added
  • Sneezing no longer interrupts errands, they will resume after the sneeze completes. (A few more emotes are underway to be fixed too!)
  • Duplicants who were in rockets in a QOL2 save will have their skill points properly upgraded. (If the colony has been loaded and saved in QOL3, the points can no longer be restored.)
  • Highly germ-susceptible Duplicants will no longer get other Duplicants sick when they are exposed to germs.
  • Selected hat displays correctly in the Skills screen

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