[Game Update] - 323841

Release Date: 04/09/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Updated Steam Turbine sounds
  • All critters will land on horizontal open doors as if it was solid floor
  • Dreckos can climb on doors set to "auto" or "lock", but not "open"
  • Slicksters can hover over Pneumatic Doors
  • Skills Screen horizontally scrolls
  • Game restarts correctly if there are spaces in the file path
  • Added sounds to the Conveyor Drop and Conveyor Shutoff
  • Tweaked ore falling/landing sounds
  • Fix crash when applying visual styles to dupes
  • Duplicant heads correctly wear hats in the Schedule screen
  • Big pass on new strings for this update
  • Added interact sounds to the Skill Scrubber (formerly Respeccer)
  • Icedro Fan renamed the Ice-E Fan
  • Flying critters will no longer pass through "water locks"
  • Fix Skill Screen crash when a dupe is in space
  • Fix for a crash in the Materials Overlay
  • Deprecated Hydrofan sounds no longer stay stuck on
  • Fix for Modloader.dll coexisting with the internal mod loader
  • New cough animation for Slime Lung
  • Height of Ice Maker has been fixed to match the art
  • New sounds for non-Duplicant printing pod deliveries
  • Correct animation and power usage for Conveyor Shutoff
  • Fixed arrow direction on Conveyor Shutoff
  • Hooked up some missing sounds for Shove Vole's grooming and growing up animations
  • Atmo Suits will now store all duplicant "emissions" and release them on unequipping.
  • New "soiled suit" status effect if a suit ends up full of liquid
  • Final Steam Turbine art
  • Grooming Station now must be inside a ranch, as it says in the description
  • Ranching attribute increases the duration of the Groomed effect by 10% per point
  • Improved performance of the Materials overlay
  • All contents of all mods are unzipped into the mods directory, so that e.g. config files can be edited by the end-user
  • New side screen slider for the Med Bed allow setting the health threshold before duplicants come to get healed
  • Ambient gas sounds are less monotonous
  • Door sounds no longer get cut off
  • Stubbed in "Floral Scents" germ. This is released by Buddy Buds, and Bristle Blossoms when the bloom. Effects are still WIP.
  • Stubbed in the "Sporechid", a germ-producing plant that lives in the oil biome. Germs and effects are still WIP.
  • New interact animation for the Advanced Doctoring Station

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