[Game Update] - 322093

Release Date: 04/03/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • New Mod System is active! You can read all about it here
  • Skills screen Morale visualization takes skill interests in to account
  • Updated plumbing icons on the Plumbing tutorial picture
  • Fix crash when duplicants try talking about things which are no longer in the game
  • Change to the internal heat calculation for turbine. Tuning is roughly but not exactly the same
  • Tools with filters now show the active filter on the hovercard
  • Audio option to mute the game on lost focus
  • Tuning to Ice Maker and Icedro Fan
  • Re-fix: Dupes can't pass door if it has no floor
  • Fix dupes get stuck trying to walk through a locked door if the door is built one tile above the ground
  • Dupes should generally behave more consistently when navigating through doors built in unusual configurations
  • Duplicants no longer get stuck trying to path through closed vertical solid doors
  • Falling dupes will now land on any floor they can walk on, inc. open doors, pitcher pump, and gantry
  • Pitcher Pump floors now behave consistently with other floor types, critters can walk over them
  • Can now cancel/deconstruct Wire Bridge when in the Wires filter
  • "Squeamish" trait and Care interest are now mutually exclusive
  • Fix Skill Point Gained notification/effects not showing up half the time
  • Updated interact for Respec Station
  • Skills Interest is correctly described on the minion select screen
  • Dead batteries will no longer provide magical power to transformers (the "Battery Transformer Infinite Power Loop" bug)

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