[Game Update] - 296335

Release Date: 11/26/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Mouse input instructions for tools have been simplified
  • Tool filter checkbox alignment fixed
  • Font sizes for status items are back to normal
  • Fix possible crash when Duplicants finished eating food
  • Work on unifying the visual weight of buildings in the build menu
  • Duplicants no longer become ill once dead
  • Critter Sensor setting will save/load properly
  • Fix crash after an assigned dead Duplicant gets buried
  • Change to building materials to allow non-elemental ingredients.
    • Carpet Tile now takes Reed Fibre.
  • Fix for animations not playing when a Duplicant dies, and correct animations play while being carried
  • All hovered objects once again show their temperature in the Temperature overlay
  • Duplicants no longer get stuck in an infinite loop when they become incapacitated
  • Added 3 new decor plants
  • Added 2 new paintings
  • Pedestal is now 1x2 to leave room for the displayed object
  • Fixed incorrect building name in Algae description

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