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[Game Update] - 277292

Release Date: 07/11/18

Update Information:


Hello all you beautiful people!

Like waking from a daze, the Duplicants have suddenly become aware of life going on around them. They've become concerned for their fellow Duplicant. They've started wanting more out of their existence on this little asteroid. They've invented video games.

If you're interested, you can help us test this new content for the next two weeks before it goes live. As always we appreciate your feedback, so please share your thoughts and opinions on the Suggestions Forum. Thank-you!

Please note: The socialization and recreation systems are still being roughed in, so you'll find more loose ends and missing details than usual at the moment. We still have to add things like tooltips and icons, UI for the schedule, attributes and effects actually modifying each other, and so forth. We encourage you to comment on the game as you're currently experiencing it, as we'll be considering your feedback while we develop these systems.

What does this testing branch contain so far?

The following content is available in the testing branch:



  • New "work time" during the day:
    • Duplicants will avoid eating or peeing during work
    • After work, Duplicants will eat, pee, and enjoy their leisure time
  • Many new Duplicant "reactions" to:
    • Status effects
    • Fellow Duplicants
    • Environmental factors
  • Duplicants will converse with each other occasionally
    • Including animated mouths and eyes!
  • Quality of Life to replace food/decor expectations
    • Food, rooms, and recreation improve Quality of Life
  • Save camera positions with Shift 1-9, jump to them with Ctrl 1-9

Technical changes:

  • Improved boot times and load times, minor performance fixes
    • Many of these changes won't be noticeable in the Testing branch due to the debug logging, but will have impact in the Release branch in 2 weeks.
  • Fixed graphical issues that many OSX users were experiencing
  • Fix a startup crash due to GPU scaling
  • Cleaned up a number of memory leaks, especially when reloading a game

Check the patch notes for the most up-to-date changes!

What is open testing?

"Open testing" means players get to test-drive new content early and give us feedback and suggestions before it goes live. Because this is an unfinished and in active development version of the upgrade being released on June 14th, it's pretty likely you'll encounter bugs, crashes or balance issues while playing these builds. We'll try to fix any problems that crop up as quickly as we can, but it's possible you'll lose progress in your games while playing on the Testing branch.

Regarding performance, the Testing branch has additional debugging tools enabled to help us track down crashes. This makes the game run more slowly than the live version of the game.

Please also be aware that once a save is loaded in the Testing branch, it cannot be reopened again in the previous Live branch or previous builds.

Note that the Preview branch is now called the Testing branch.

What do I do if I find a crash or a bug?

Post it up on the Bug Tracker and we'll fix it as soon as we can. If you can attach a copy of your save file to your report, that helps us even more as we can pinpoint the source of problem more quickly.

Do I have to play the open testing build?

Nope! If you'd prefer to only play a stable build, you can continue to play in the current Early Access branch until the Expressive Upgrade releases in full on July 26th. Playing the Open Testing build isn't necessary, but it helps us a lot to receive your feedback and reports - if you're interested, try it out!

How do I become an open tester?

There's no sign up or registration for becoming an open tester. If you own Oxygen Not Included and want to join the Testing Branch, all you have to do is play the Open Testing build on Steam.

How do I play the open testing build?

You can switch your branch on Steam using the instructions below:


How to change branches in Oxygen Not Included (Steam)

  • In Steam, click on Library > Games.
  • Scroll down to Oxygen Not Included.
  • Right-click and select Properties.
  • Go to the BETAS tab.
  • In the dropdown, select the name of the branch you want to play. In this case, the branch name is "expressive_upgrade_testing"
    • This branch does not require a password.
  • In that same Properties window, go to the Local Files tab and press "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache."
  • Your game will be updated to the the previous branch.
  • Launch and play Oxygen Not Included

That's it! We hope you'll enjoy this taste of what's to come, and thank-you for your help testing out the new Upgrade!


Change List:

New Features

  • Duplicants will have simple conversations with other nearby Duplicants, about things they have recently used
  • Duplicants will "react" to things happening to them and around them such as:
    • When Duplicants get Wet Feet or Soggy
    • When Duplicants see other Duplicants working hard
    • When a nearby Duplicant levels up a skill or job
    • When a nearby Duplicant is stressing out
    • When a new friend joins the colony
    • When Duplicants wake up with a Sore Back
    • While Duplicants are mourning
  • Basic scheduling added to the colony:
    • A tiny "hygiene" period has been scheduled when Duplicants wake up in the morning
    • A "break time" period has been added where Duplicants can eat, pee, and enjoy leisure activities
    • Duplicants will try to eat and empty their bladders during break time so they don't have to interrupt their work
    • Schedule blocks appears on the "Asteroid Clock"
    • Schedule management not yet available
  • Recreation Buildings added: Water Cooler and Arcade Machine
    • Duplicants will use these buildings during break time to improve their Quality of Life
    • If no recreation buildings are available, Duplicants will gather at the Printing Pod to hang out
  • Quality of Life will replace Food and Decor Expectations. As Duplicants gain training, you'll have to improve the colony around them
    • Added QOL modifiers for using recreation buildings, proper bathrooms/mess halls/bedrooms, and food eaten
  • Added many new unlockable Database entries to discover
  • Added “Inspect” options to many existing point of interest buildings
  • Added sound effects for many of the buildings which had not yet received any, details below
  • Completed animations for wrangling, babies, bagged, and other unfinished critter business, details below
  • Added mouth and eye movement to Duplicants independent of their current activity, so now they can blink and walk at the same time!

Updates and Improvements

  • Updated Backwall art
  • Finished "trussed" anims for all critters
  • Updated Solar Panel artwork
  • Shearing Stations can only be built on floors
  • Refineries will now fetch all ingredients for multi-ingredient recipes
  • Updated Egg Cracker artwork
  • Updated space background contrast
  • Mesh and Airflow tiles now take proper damage from meteors
  • Fix crash when Duplicants are checking if they can pee
  • Sneezing once more plays the whole animation
  • Egg Shell art hookup
  • Updated Shearing Station sounds
  • Fix alignment of build menu and tool menu
  • Updated messaging and status on manual valves
  • Fix a bunch of minor crashes in the simulation
  • Kiln sound effects added
  • Shearing Station sound effects added
  • Improved load times of bases with lots of objects that can fall
  • Fix crash when wires are built outside the grid
  • Updated art for Temp Shift Plate
  • Fix perspective on background planet
  • Fixed artwork for Window Tiles and Bunker Tiles
  • Fix numerous spelling mistakes
  • Updated POI item strings
  • Objects can now be inspected for Database entries
  • Added descriptions to the surface POI items
  • Fix a crash in the crash reporter :(
  • Fix a crash when deconstructing a Travel Tube
  • Fix a crash for objects checking if they are partially submerged
  • Fuel coal added to Kiln recipes
  • Fix crash when using the sandbox “sample” tool outside the world
  • Added artwork for baby Pacu and morphs
  • Update animation for Incubator interactions
  • Tuning to damage and deposits algorithm from meteors to keep surface more "level"
  • Dust meteor is now made of Regolith
  • Fix a shader change which was causing black outlines on everything
  • Updated sound effects for background planet
  • Fix bug where pipes would have the wrong temperature coming back from a save
  • Wallpaper and Temp Shift Plates no longer create void when you deconstruct them
  • Prevent the game from crashing in no sound mode
  • Fix wording on Ceiling Lights
  • Fix crash when objects have extreme temperatures
  • Fix crash when rooms touch the edge of the world
  • Fix crash when angry Duplicants try and punch outer space
  • Tweak artwork in surface POI
  • Added meteors to sandbox spawner
  • Fix various crashes when pipe contents contents get bad values to continue gracefully
  • Fish Feeder sound effects
  • Fish Delivery Point now only accepts fish
  • Fish Trap sound effects added
  • Add Glass Forge sound effects
  • Baggable creatures are now visibly picked up
  • Fix crash when sandbox painting extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Duplicants mouths move and they make sounds when thought bubbles appear
  • Can use shortcut keys to save/restore the camera position
  • Lights leaving the game world no longer crashes
  • Meteor Detector can only be built on the ground like a normal building
  • Fix crash when hitting backspace in text input areas
  • Fix Drecko rotation if being groomed near a wall
  • Fix crashes when spawning unsupported elements into the world
  • Sequential Transformers will no longer report as "unpowered"
  • Falling water no longer crashes when it falls outside the world
  • Fix Courier/Handyman strength perks
  • Suits now show up in the resources panel
  • Fix for door temperatures getting reset
  • Fix crash if you have too many autosaves
  • Fix star background parallax directions
  • Improve critter pathfinding so they can more reliably get groomed
  • Fix Gas Element Sensor animations
  • Added sound effects for all the pipe sensors
  • Plants no longer create a horrible notification when they are uprooted
  • Ore that gets buried in a tile of the same element is now added to that tile
  • Eggs will no longer incubate on a Conveyor Rail after passing through a bridge
  • Hooked up sounds to Transfer Arm range visualization
  • Added/fixed in-game popup for when the audiodriver is having issues
  • Fix large memory leak when a game was unloaded before loading another one
  • Add wrangling sound effects
  • Duplicants no longer play double chewing sounds
  • Fix for portraits not showing up on the Jobs panel
  • Earlybird trait once again affects all attributes
  • Duplicants will face the correct direction when using the Egg Incubator
  • Fixed Puft inhale animation
  • Added detection for write permission errors to display an error message
  • Shine Bug light follows them correctly through various animations
  • Fixed gas leaking through tiles in some directions
  • Duplicants will occasionally wave hello to each other if they pass in the hallway
  • Fixed thought bubbles no longer appearing
  • Fix missing Drecko animations
  • Added sound effects for critters getting trussed and escaping
  • Fish overcrowding is now properly calculated
  • Increase maximum zoom in screenshot mode
  • Upgraded Unity engine to 2018.1
  • Critter "Happiness" attribute shows proper modifiers in the tooltip
  • Many tooltips updated for accuracy and clarity
  • Fixed incorrect cycle count on the "Resume" button
  • Shortened Shine Bug morph names
  • Increased Plastic melting point to 160C
  • Added/Updated thought bubble artwork to distinguish different kinds of Duplicant thoughts


You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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